Mission statement and entrance standard

Star Chinese School is a weekend language cultural school.

Established in 1996, Star Chinese School that registered and voluntarily managed by parents is the earliest non-profitable Chinese school in Rhode Island. The mission of the school is to teach Chinese language, to spread Chinese culture, and to help Chinese descendants and those (5 years or older, no matter of gender, ethnics, or color) who would like to learn Chinese language and mathematics and who would like to know and inherit Chinese fine tradition, and to make them become the excellent talents combined with both western and eastern culture. After 20 years of development, Star Chinese School has become the largest Chinese school, and the only host Chinese school that assist Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) with Chinese proficiency test (HSK) in Rhode Island. Star Chinese School has over 100 students. The courses cover a wide range of content. Chinese course currently established 9 classes including preschool Chinese class, 1st grade – 9th grade Chinese class, 10th grade HSK test & SAT ll Chinese prep, 11th grade AP prep, teenager & adult bilingual classes. Within those classes, 1st -9th grade utilized the textbook edited and published by Jinan University (JNU). Culture course currently has 4 classes, teaching common Chinese culture, Chinese painting, and Chinese calligraphy etc., as well as different levels of English and mathematics prep classes, SAT Prep classes, fitness, Taiji Kongfu, dancing and chorus etc. In order to enhance the interest and enthusiasm of students, Star Chinese School set up the reward system through holding calligraphy, writing and speech competition every year, publishing the best articles on the school magazine as well as the school website and exhibiting the top achievements of students.

The faculty members of Star Chinese School are extraordinary. There are 15 Chinese teachers, 6 mathematics teachers, 6 cultural courses teachers teaching in the school. Many of them have been working in education industry for many years and posses abundant Chinese teaching experience. Every Chinese teacher is required to make his/her own yearly teaching plan, and participate in teaching training held by Hanban & state Chinese school system in summer every year. Every new teacher had been interviewed and tested for the lecture ability before officially starting to work.  Due to systematic and responsible teaching, the students in Star Chinese school are reaching excellent achievements in HSK (Chinese proficiency test), SATII-Chinese tests, AP Chinese exam and Oversees’ Chinese Children & Teenager Writing Competition. Students’ article won the Gold Prizes, Special prizes and Highest Prizes multiple times.  Star Chinese School is strictly managed by School board. Parents’ representative assists teacher to deal with the problems in daily work and help teacher organizing all kinds of activities. Star Chinese School actively supported all kinds of community cultural activities including oversees Chinese educational communication activities and multi-cultural communication activities. Therefore, Star Chinese School contributed positively for Chinese education and culture.