Safety Agreement

School Safety Agreement

Star Chinese School is a non-profit autonomy amateur charity community. Registered in Rhode Island, Star Chinese School conducting the teaching activities in the classrooms provided by Chinese Church. In order to make certain the safety and security of students and church assets, Chinese school and parents particularly draw up the safety agreement as follow:

School established safety and security personnel operated alternatively by parents. School and parents work out the duty form together (see attachment). Parents have right to deal with the security relevant events on behalf of the school during duty period. Parents on duty suppose to maintain the order when students come and leave and taking classes as well as to prevent students outing, disputing or fighting, and chasing around just in case of injury and asset loss.

  1. Parents suppose to send their kids to certain classroom and pick kids up after school. It is not allowed to let children walk out of the school zone alone. 
  2. School need to declare all the rules and disciplines to the students and parents (see attachment), and entrust teachers to maintain teaching order. Parents have the obligation to educate their kids for obeying the disciplines and not fighting or chasing around or damage the school assets. If student caused damage to people or to school asset due to violating the discipline, the responsibility of the results mush be carried by him or her self.
  3. Parents need to provide students health insurance, accidental insurance and emergency contact information to school (see attachment #4). If student get injured or any other types of accident happened, teacher and the parent on duty need to handle it properly, namely, to inform the parent and/or call the ambulance to take injured student to designated hospital.  School and teachers personally do not take the responsibility of students’ health and accidental insurance. Same kind of insurance expenses are not included in tuition fee as well.

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